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Our goal is to participate in the realization of scientific and educational events in the field of medicine, meeting the requirements of modern education based on the knowledge and experience of outstanding experts and manufacturers working with us in the UK and abroad. Our training will not only provide you with up-to-date knowledge but will also help you in your day-to-day professional practice, focusing on giving all participants hands-on skills that allow them to perform their duties in a professional and responsible manner. We will demonstrate and explain practical problems and issues related to the subject matters. We are training according to the latest modern requirements and quality standards.    
At the end of each training, the participants receive the relevant documents and a certificate of completion in accordance with their participation in the course. Our trainings are conducted in small groups to allow better interaction and communication with the instructors. Our workshops provide a great amount of practical interdisciplinary knowledge.
The trainings include references to CHS132 (National Occupational Standard for Phlebotomy) and we act in accordance with the requirements of the Health and Safety Act.
The content of our trainings is regularly reviewed and updated in line with the appropriate code of practice and standards.
We believe that time spent with us will leave you with pleasant memories.  
Research Report - regulation of aesthetic practices in selected places 
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